Matsui Jurina Wiki – Part 1 [Character]

I realize the western fanbase has far too mistaken an idea of what Matsui Jurina is like, especially those who follow AKB only, so I figured it’s about time I translated a certain wiki page about her. There’s a lot of info in there, the most interesting (in my opinion at least) being the bits from interviews with Yuasa (SKE48 theater’s manager).

The link to the original page in Japanese is at the bottom of this post. The following is a translation of only a small part, outlining Jurina’s personality. I’ll get to the rest of the sections in time.

*Catchphrase is “1, 2, 3, 4, all together[tl note: “go issho ni” is a play on words with the number 5, ie. “go” in Japanese], 6, 7, 8, 9, Jurina~[tl note: another play on words, since 10 in Japanese is “ju” or “jyu”]! I’m Matsui Jurina, 14 years old.” Previous ones were, “I tend to get told by everyone that I look tough, but in truth I’m a lonely grade schooler”, “I’m a little bit more grown up, but my feelings are still a grade schooler’s”, “I love running! I love dancing! And I love everyo~ne too!” etc.

*Official nickname is “Jurina”[tl note: in hiragana instead of kanji]. Her juniors call her “Jurina-san”. Oya Masana calls her “Juribou”[tl note: 坊 is something like kid or boy/sonny]. Yuasa calls her “Abarenbou Sogun”[tl note: 暴れん坊将軍 -> rowdy kid general].

*An ace in the position of SKE48’s and Team S’ center. As a main pillar, she is an essential existence needed by SKE. The theater manager Yuasa Hiroshi has told her, “there is no replacement for you” and “the stage is completely different when you’re there and when you aren’t.”
Jurina: “It does make me feel pressured, but I feel happiness the most when told that.”
Yuasa: “Lately she’s been releasing a certain aura too. Out of all the members she has the highest professional awareness. Jurina = SKE is how it is.”

*She’s well aware of that position of hers, and has the will to carry SKE48 by herself. Her feelings for the theater in particular are the strongest, and she tells members off, regardless of age, if they seem to not have memorized the dances.
Yuasa: “(After finishing a job in Tokyo) even if she goes back to Nagoya staggering, she’d make sure to show up at the theater performances. Yet when she sees a member who hasn’t learned a dance she’d go, ‘Why?! I’m doing both that in Tokyo and this here. Why can’t you do it!'”
She’s the type who can’t forgive the fact that both the team and SKE might be taken lightly because of members not being able to do things. Of course, that’s because she loves SKE more than anyone else, and because she herself doesn’t slack off putting in more effort than anyone else. Members are aware of that, and it is said that no one speaks up against her words.

*However, once she snaps she becomes a wild kid that neither the manager or, needless to say, the members can stop. Even to Yuasa, she’d use strong words and firmly go, “What is this about!” or “I’m begging you!”
Yuasa: “It’s already gotten scary huh (lol)”

*On the other hand, she also has a side befitting of her age, where she gets thoroughly spoiled by the other members.
“This is sudden but, here’s what I like about all the fans! The fact that they understand me better than I do myself. The fact that they like me. In the end, I won’t betray you. Really thank you for everything all the time. But, there’s something I’d like you to understand. Regardless of what’s said, I’m a kid. In more ways than one (lol). That’s why, please look after me properly! Until I grow up, and become a full fledged adult. I do have moments where I feel lonely or sad after all.”
“I’m sorry for having written an extract that made you worry. Those were my honest feelings. But, there is one mistake… I wrote asking for you to look after me until I become a full fledged adult but, even if I were to become a full fledged adult, I’ll still have times when I’ll crash into a wall. That’s what I thought. That’s why, from now onward, please look after me, regardless of whether I’m an adult, or not an idol anymore, or if I’ve become an actress or a singer. It’s because I realized… Human beings can’t do anything when alone.
“Again, I’ve said something that might make you worry but, I realize that any person could have things they like or dislike. That’s the case with me too, and I think it’s the same with fans who have oshimens too. However, is it not possible to express those things with our attitude or looks, or with our words? Even though I kinda think it’s better to express one’s love. Because I don’t think there is anyone who’d consider being told they’re loved as a bad memory! But, don’t you think there’s a difference between liking and being partial? With being partial, neither the person being so, or the person being treated as so, gain anything. That is because, it makes both sides feel bad. The person being partial, will make the people they’re not being partial to feel displeased. The person being treated partially too, will make the people who aren’t being treated the same feel displeased as well. The person who doesn’t get treated as such, will feel really badly about it, and will worry about it at times… I don’t want that kind of thing to happen! At the very least, I’ll try to refrain from doing that both now and when I become an adult too. If there is someone you’re not being partial to, please show that person that you love them too. Even if it’s just one person, as long as there is someone who loves them, that person could be saved. Somehow, that’s the way I’ve started thinking lately. Serious things. Things like people’s feelings, I wonder if I’ve become capable of understanding them… It’s proof that I’ve become an adult isn’t it (lol). It’s an age where you want to speak up isn’t it (lol). There might come a time I write something like this, once again, but please don’t worry about it. In my case, as long as everyone’s there I have nothing to be scared of. That’s why, I have but one request. Let me be spoiled, just a bit more.”

*In SKE she’s in charge of the energetic character. According to Maeda Atsuko, at first she would act mischievously in front of the AKB members too, but suddenly she got serious and started being polite. When Maeda asked, “Did they (the higher ups) tell you anything?” she claimed she wasn’t told anything, but that as she got to know AKB she started feeling respect, and started being polite towards the AKB members.
Maeda: “Despite being 11 years old (at the time) she’s a grown up.”

*She tends to say a lot of puns and old mens’ jokes, but they’re not really effective. She respects Takahashi Minami as her senior in slipping (speech-wise).

*She’s the youngest but, among Team S she’s the tallest. (Her official profile says 160cm but she’s 163cm right now. Her aim is around Shinoda Mariko’s 168cm).

*Because her face is unusually mature, she doesn’t appear her age at first glance. She personally is happy with being called “adult-ish”, but “aged” is taboo. Rather than being considered a pretty girl she’s considered a beauty, she is called “ikemen”[tl note: a hot guy] by Sashihara.

Done x_X Only with part 1 LOL What did I get myself into… Anyway, as biased as some of what you’ve read might sound, there’re actually references to where everything was taken from in the original wiki page, which can be found here. I didn’t bother putting in the reference numbers in the translation, but I think it shouldn’t be hard to pick them up if you’re interested.

Well then, until the next installment… if it ever comes.



  1. gift

     /  December 3, 2011

    Thank you so much Rehikarisan
    Yuasa Hiroshi has told her, “there is no replacement for you” and “the stage is completely different when you’re there and when you aren’t.”
    This speech is exactly true!!! Jurina=SKE this is also true!

  2. Kiss_Monster

     /  April 9, 2013

    thank you very much, i love Jurina

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