Matsui Jurina Wiki – Part 2 [Childhood]

Part 1.

8 months old

*Born on March 8th 1997, in Aichi Prefecture. Single child. Weight was slightly below average at 2600 grams.

*At first, her name was decided as “Juri”. However, because an acquaintance of her mother’s had a child called “Kiri” (it was confusing since it could be read as “Juri” too), they added the “na” character and it became “Jurina”.

1 year old

*Ever since she was born, she was a very good kid, neither crying at night, or acting shy around strangers. “I wonder if I’ve been mature since the moment I was born (lol)”.

*She was a dancing kid since the time she became aware of her surroundings. She likes standing out, and during things like sports festivals she is the type to stand out.

7 years old

*Her first love was during kindergarten. She’d be extremely affectionate, and when her mom would come to her pick her up, she’d hold hands tightly. But at this moment, she’s forgotten both the name and face of that kid.

*The reason she started aiming for showbiz. Ever since nursery school, she’s looked up to singers, and during the graduation ceremony she said “I want to be a singer in the future.”

4th grade primary school

*The fact that she still wet her bed until the early grades of primary school was revealed by her mother.

*She starting learning hip-hop dance around 3rd grade of primary school, and came to like dancing too. Thinking “Singing and dancing is what idols do!”, she started aiming to become an idol.

6th grade primary school



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  1. renx2

     /  December 10, 2011

    Love Jurina. Thanks for translating the wiki. I hope people will pay more attention to her (and SKE) instead of just knowing that she was “that SKE girl that happened to be in some AKB singles”.

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