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Time of audition. July 31st 2008 (11 years old).

*July 30th, she passed the final examination of the 1st SKE48 auditions, and become an SKE member (out of 2670 people, originally 22 people passed). At the time she was the youngest at 11 years old. “When I took the auditions, I was in 6th grade primary school. It was only older girls all around me, but I remember that serving as an incentive instead.”

*Akimoto Yasushi: “In the SKE auditions she was number 49, second to last. And so, when her turn came, her karaoke song didn’t show up. With that the no. 50 girl became no. 49 and Jurina became the last. Because I didn’t know of that fact, I had the idea for SKE planned out already, just as I thought about that, she came out at the very end, and I found she had an amazing star nature to her. Number 49 and number 50 are completely different aren’t they. After all in our job, it’s not just about things like skill or hard work or talent, but rather I feel luck plays a big role too. I thought what happened was really amusing. Also, AKB had just started steadily increasing its sales, and I’m not saying this about anyone in particular, but it felt like they had started to slacken. If I were a shepherd, it felt as if the sheep had gone loose. If a completely different sheep came in here, I thought that might get them to tighten up.”

*On that day, at the AKB theater a Team A performance was taking place but, after the final song, there was a phone call from Akimoto Yasushi who had been in Nagoya judging. And so he reported the following, “In the final auditions there was an amazing girl. She’s definitely going to become a star. She’s a raw ore.” Of course the “ore” referred to Matsui Jurina.

*At the same time, Akimoto was already thinking of adding her to the next single’s senbatsu, and debuting her as a center. He also made it so that she’d be the only one on the jacket. He thought the fans’ “what just happened?” reaction would be amusing.

*August, the start of lessons in preparation for their theater debut 2 months later. She was immediately selected as center. “Rather than feeling pressured, I kept wondering why it was me. I wondered if it was really okay to pick me.”

*August 2nd, she participated in the recording for AKB48’s first program “AKBINGO!” along with Oya Masana (air date was August 25th).

*August 23rd, SKE48 made a guest appearance at AKB48’s live. Performing A1st’s “PARTY ga Hajimaru yo”, it was her first time standing on a stage.

*August, AKB48 members were told about Jurina’s selection as a senbatsu member for the new single, which was to be released in October. The situation around the the time they heard the announcement; Takahashi Minami: “In the place where the members’ names are written there was a “Matsui Jurina” name. When we were discussing “Who is Matsui Jurina?” Acchan (Maeda Atsuko) went, “They said she’s an SKE girl. Looks like she’ll be center.” Everyone went “Eh?!” at that. I too started having mixed feelings then…”
Maeda: “Beforehand, I was told “Do your best with Jurina as a double center.” by Akimoto-sensei. But to be honest, “What am I supposed to work hard in I wonder?” was how it felt. I think I answered with a tentative “yes” though. The girls (AKB members) whose ages were close to Jurina might have been conscious about the whole thing. But in my case, it felt as if I had gained a much younger junior. But the fans were comparing us (after the single’s release) a lot more than I had expected, and that kinda confused me.”

*September, joining the dance lessons a bit later than the rest of the AKB members. “Nice to meet you, I’m Matsui Jurina. I look forward to working with you.” She greeted by saying that and bowing down over 90 degrees. The impression Minegishi Minami had when she first saw Jurina; “I thought she was sharp. To me that seemed like ‘I’ve become center by doing as much as possible.’ Usually, at first one would be frightened right. But when I saw her standing tall, I thought “that’s impressive.” Even though 11 years old is young, at that time, I thought she was probably appropriate as center. It’s not that I felt that “I lost” but, I thought “Even if she stood as center it won’t cause an unfavorable comparison.” from an objective point of view.”

*After the beginning of the lessons; Takahashi: “While the 11 year old Jurina was entrusted with the important role of being center, I saw her working extremely hard… It made me think that both AKB and SKE had to get united to move on forward.” As for the Jurina who had managed to make the AKB members think like that: “At first I was simply happy about it. But right before the lessons, I started growing worried. Thinking “Is it okay for me to show up even though it’s an AKB song?” or “I wonder if we can get along.” or “I wonder if I’ll be able to dance and sing properly.” and so on… I kept crying in front of the SKE48 staff. Especially when SKE48’s theater debut was nearing, I couldn’t really practice properly and I panicked. But I would definitely never cry in front of the SKE members. During our very first lesson there was something we all agreed on, it was “to surpass AKB!”. That’s why even though I was worried, I thought “The fact that I’ll be in AKB’s song, it’ll become for the sake of the goal we all set.” and “It won’t be for me alone, but for the sake of getting SKE48’s existence known.”.”

Theater debut (October 5th 2008).

*October 5th, SKE48 1st Stage “PARTY ga Hajimaru yo” performances start, she makes her theater debut.

*October 22nd, AKB48’s 10th single “Oogoe Diamond” with Jurina as center goes on sale. Being treated as a main character in the PV, as well as having her solo shot on the jacket, she made for a brilliant debut. Entering senbatsu at age 11 years and 228 days, she broke the youngest record that AKB48’s Oku Manami held (at age 11 years and 237 days). According to her, she screamed “Shinoda-sa~n” for that jacket shot (but if you watch the making of footage from the bonus video on the “Pareo wa Emerald” single, she screams “Mariko-sama~”).

*For the AKB fans it became a shocking debut but, opinions varied about the sudden huge push. From the older fans, it was possibly more of a “no” reaction. “Why is there an SKE member in AKB’s new song?”, “What can this kid possibly do.”, such voices were murmured around the theater and on the net. However as a result they got their highest record on Oricon at 3rd place, and sales increased a lot too. Of course aside from Jurina there were the recently promoted 5th generation research students in AKB who had their first senbatsu participation too, and because there is the song’s quality to take into consideration one can’t say it was all because of Jurina but, with this single, as well as the fact that she was placed in senbatsu while being from SKE48, it is certain that she had changed something in AKB48.

*Akimoto’s impressions; “The general response was huge too but, what the fans made the biggest fuss about was, “But Matsui is not from AKB48, she’s from SKE48 right?” and it made me go, ah, they’re different aren’t they, I realized that for the first time after releasing the CD (lol). Well, that’s pretty much it (lol)”

*Interviewer: “The fact that SKE’s Jurina was placed as AKB’s center, I found it to be incredibly amusing as a technique.”
Akimoto: “Matsui, she’s cute right? (lol). I was asked “why is it SKE even though it’s an AKB single!” a lot, after I made her center. I figured that was true enough. I figured I should have put “featuring **” or “Matsui Jurina (SKE)” after all. However, I realized that wasn’t something to be all that hung up on really.”



  1. gift

     /  December 11, 2011

    I really don’t know that should I hate or love Akimoto P???
    Did he think about Jurina’s feeling?

    • It doesn’t sound like he did, huh… I myself was getting murderous intentions at random intervals while typing this ^^;

  2. Sounds like Jurina was really and willing to be a double centre. She’s the best. Akimoto sounds like he likes her, but he was almost relying on her to boost AKB’s image.

    • He definitely likes her. He’s kinda considerate of her in some ways too, but also rather ruthless in other ways… I can only hope she’s not fully aware of the amount of expectations he has of her, ’cause that’s really a lot of pressure @.@

  3. tritoch

     /  December 12, 2011

    Oh don’t worry.. You’ll hate AkiP even more with the 2010 history summary translation ;p

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