Matsui Jurina Wiki – Part 4 [2009]

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*March, 16 1st generation members get selected, SKE48’s first “Team S” is formed. She started performing at the theater as a Team S member thereon.

*March 4th, she was selected again into AKB48’s 11th single “10nen Zakura” senbatsu. Since then, she was selected as a senbatsu member for all of AKB48’s singles.

*However, unsurprisingly among the fans there were voices claiming “it’s too early” for Jurina to be having that kind of activities, as well as voices still complaining about “why is she being selected for AKB48’s single senbatsu, while being an SKE48 member too” and so on. In regards to that Akimoto commented, “There seems to be a disagreement between the fans’ and the management’s point of view about Jurina’s case. The management thinks of the team 2 years, or 3 years ahead, and has to bring up its team members to the stage from now. But from the fans’ point of view, I think, while looking at the present, they haven’t looked that far ahead just yet. There is that kind of gap right now.” and said it is in order for her to learn to pull others as a future ace, as well as to build up experience.

*Just as Akimoto Yasushi had featured Maeda Atsuko as AKB48’s face, back when AKB48 still wasn’t selling much, Matsui Jurina was also given the role of SKE48’s face. However as a result of fulfilling that role, Maeda had started to be called AKB48’s ace, and while she performed spectacular activities, she also had to deal with just as harsh moments. The position of ace in a large-numbered group is, at the same time a brilliant thing, and a an extremely harsh role too. Just as Maeda had to deal with the same proportion of encouragement and complaints, of course, Jurina as SKE’s ace had to deal with such complaints the most in her position too.
Moreover, with overall producer Akimoto and the theater manager having expectations such as “outstanding talent found once every 10 years”, it became indispensable for her to be accepted, by the fans, literally as SKE48’s “ace”, and not just as a facade. The merely 14 year old Jurina, is placed in such circumstances. Akimoto said, “If Maeda has to fight with the pressure of being at the top, then Jurina has to fight with the pressure of high expectations.”

*April 1st, she is selected as a member of the collaboration unit “AKB Idoling!!!” and the single “Chuu Shiyouze!” is released.

*July 8th, in the first senbatsu elections, she ranks highest among the SKE48 members at 19th. Only Jurina makes it as a senbatsu member. At first it seems to be a high rank, but she is a person who is both ace in SKE, and has stood as center in an AKB song. According to Yamazato from Nankai Candies [tl note: better known as Yamachan to most], “There’s a girl called the super ace Matsui Jurina. She only just recently became a middle-school student, but she’s always stood as center on stage so far. But in the popularity rankings that immediately dropped… From what I heard, the moment she entered backstage, she collapsed in tears. Out of frustration.” As expected, it seems to have been an unsatisfying rank for her.

*December 31st, she appeared on NHK’s 60th Kouhaku Utagassen, as AKB48.



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    Thanks u so much rehikari-san
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    Was it too much pressure for 11 year- old kid Aki-P?

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