Matsui Jurina 16th Birthday Project

Yes, it’s happening \o/ I don’t suppose I need to introduce what this is, so let’s just get to the point lol

The idea is to create something like a history photobook for Jurina, with pictures from her debut until recently. What’s requested is for people to send in one of their favorite Jurina shots (magazine scans, blog photos, etc). Don’t hesitate just because the photo you like is of low resolution or something, we can always make a collage page of sorts ^^ Fanart is also welcomed! Along with the picture, please send a short birthday message in your own language as text in the email. It will be added onto the picture.

The deadline is February 23rd (no specific timezone, so just assume the latest timing), which means you’ve got a bit under 10 days to submit something. It’s not a lot of time I know, but we need time to put everything together and send it, and all you have to do is send a photo after all.

This is a joint project between amerie-escapism and I, but please send all the photos to my gmail:

If you’d like to offer any other type of assistance (financial, artistic (like for the collage), etc) please contact me on that same email too.

Now, bring on those submissions! And please help spread the word ^^

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