Matsui Jurina 16th Birthday Project

Yes, it’s happening \o/ I don’t suppose I need to introduce what this is, so let’s just get to the point lol

The idea is to create something like a history photobook for Jurina, with pictures from her debut until recently. What’s requested is for people to send in one of their favorite Jurina shots (magazine scans, blog photos, etc). Don’t hesitate just because the photo you like is of low resolution or something, we can always make a collage page of sorts ^^ Fanart is also welcomed! Along with the picture, please send a short birthday message in your own language as text in the email. It will be added onto the picture.

The deadline is February 23rd (no specific timezone, so just assume the latest timing), which means you’ve got a bit under 10 days to submit something. It’s not a lot of time I know, but we need time to put everything together and send it, and all you have to do is send a photo after all.

This is a joint project between amerie-escapism and I, but please send all the photos to my gmail:

If you’d like to offer any other type of assistance (financial, artistic (like for the collage), etc) please contact me on that same email too.

Now, bring on those submissions! And please help spread the word ^^


Matsui Jurina International Fans’ Support Project is Complete! (and sent)

Stuff happened, some unexpected delays took place, but I finally sent the finished album yesterday. With some luck it will arrive by the end of the week!

People asked for pics of the finished thing and I said I’d post them, so here you go (only took a few ’cause I had to rush to the post office right after finishing it >.<):

In the end, I got over 100 submissions from a total of 26 countries! Thanks guys =D

Note: A huge thank you goes out to EKY48 and person-who-thinks-it’s-unnecessary-to-mention-her-name for tiping in for the project, and to @NinaWolken for the album itself and the translation of the message to Japanese m(_ _)m

[Update] Extending the deadline for the Matsui Jurina International Fans Support Project

Yep, just as the title says, I’m just writing this post to inform that I’m extending the date for the submissions.

I figured some people might have been away on Easter holidays and whatnot, plus Aki-P’s post about giving Jurina an indefinite rest makes me think there’s probably no need to rush (I do wonder what’s gonna happen at Gaishi Hall this weekend though)…

So yeah, if you still haven’t submitted a photo yet…


And if you’re still not sure what the photo is supposed to look like, here’s the one I took as an example:

P.S. For those curious, I’ve currently got as many as 89 photos for this project. Thanks a lot to every single person who sent in a submission ^^

Matsui Jurina International Fans Welcome Back Project

So I got this crazy idea earlier today, after knowing about Jurina’s admittance to the hospital.

The basic idea is to send her “welcome back” messages once she’s discharged from the hospital. I originally thought of “get well soon” messages, but we wouldn’t want to put any more pressure on her would we? (And anyway they’ll probably ban her from reading any fan letters while at the hospital)

So, what I ask of you fellow Jurina-oshis (or anyone who’s been worried about her condition and wants to show support really) is to write down the message I mention at the bottom in your own mother language (not English, unless English is your first language of course, since we want this to be as international as possible) as neatly as possible on a tidy piece of paper (which you can decorate cutely if you want but don’t overdo it please) and take a picture of it beside something that represents your nationality (Merlion, Statue of Liberty, even beside a plate of some famous cuisine in your country). Then send it to me (more details at the bottom).

WARNING: Do NOT take a picture of yourself. The point of this project is to show support as a group of fans from all around the globe. I don’t want people using this to advertise themselves. If you do take a picture of yourself (no matter how pretty/handsome) then I won’t add your photo to the collection. Or if I’m in a good mood, I’ll just crop you out of the picture instead.

I’ll only accept photos until the 10th (Tuesday) 05:00 GMT. You’ll notice that’s not much time, but we have no idea when she’ll be discharged, and the package will take time to arrive to Japan so I have to get it ready as soon as possible. Then I’ll print them all, bundle them in a nice booklet and send that off to the usual fanmail address. I’m willing to take on all the costs involved in this project, but if you’d like to offer a helping hand, do mention so in the email with the picture and I’ll reply with my paypal email address.

The message I’d like you to write:

We’ve been waiting for you. Welcome back, Jurina. Okaeri.

“Okaeri” is to be left in Japanese, whether you write it in Kanji, Hiragana or Romanji is up to you really, but I figured it would be nice if everyone showed some Japanese in their messages. And please, make sure the writing is clear (I’ll be checking everything written, so yeah…)

In case you got lost somewhere along the way, here’s a summary:

1, Write the message quoted above neatly on a piece of paper in your mother language (again, “Okaeri” is to be left in Japanese).
2, Take a picture of that message beside anything that represents your country/nationality (DO NOT take a picture of yourself).
3, Send it to: re[DOT]hikari[AT]gmail[DOT]com with the subject “Get well soon Juritan”

Once we reach the deadline date, I’ll go to a pro photographer and ask for a nice wrapping of the whole thing. It will be sent off the day we know she has been discharged from the hospital (as long as it’s not a Saturday afternoon or Sunday of course).

Don’t be shy (or lazy). Please send those pictures (I’ll keep everything anonymous of course) and help spread the word of this project around the net too. Let’s show Jurina that she’s had people wishing for her recovery from all around the globe. I hope it’ll at least put a smile on her face when she sees it =)

P.S. If you don’t want to send the photo by email, you can try DM-ing me on Twitter, or sending me a PM on Stage48 or Everyday48

[Translation] Shinoda Mariko’s letter to Jurina + Jurina’s speech during her seitansai

Translated from this video


One day, suddenly, when the 11 year old you appeared from Nagoya as an Oogoe Diamond senbatsu, to be honest we didn’t know what to do.
But despite you being just a kid, you hated losing, and desperately caught up with us without voicing a single complaint.
The truth is you get lonely easily and when looking at you becoming homesick while paying attention to Tokyo, I thought “I want to protect you! I want to do for you whatever I can do!”
It’s been 4 years since then, and you have become 15 years old!

The heavy pressure as SKE’s ace, the competition with both your comrade and rival Rena, the impatience to make SKE more exciting, I think you have a lot of pressure piled up on your shoulders.
Be more at ease. Trying to make everything perfect will make life suffocating.
To take notice of your imperfect self, that is to become an adult. Let’s share our heavy burden with everyone.

Lastly, kissing should be done moderately.

To the cutest little sister in the world,
Happy birthday.

From Shinoda Mariko.

Jurina’s speech:

First of all! I kinda asked Shinoda Mariko-san whether she’d write the letter. When I met with her I asked “You wrote a letter didn’t you?!” and she went, “There’s no way I’d write it. I’m from AKB! There’s no way I’d write it to someone from SKE.” So I thought “Ah I see. We’re on different teams after all. What a pity. I wonder who’ll write it then?” and since it turned out to be from Mariko-sama after all, I was really surprised! And really happy too though.

About my resolve as a 15 year old… Since at age 14, I still couldn’t control my strength by myself… Like, I wouldn’t really know my limits. There were a lot of cases where, even when I’d think “this is tough” or “ah, my body feels heavy”, once I’m on stage because I’d be having fun I’d end up singing and dancing even more than usual. As that kept happening, I’d end up falling sick and whatnot. Slowly I started realizing “If I do this I’ll fall sick” or “This is my limit now” but like, I still can’t really hold back. I also really feel like, if I held back, then that wouldn’t be Matsui Jurina anymore… I’m always told by a lot of people that they “like the Jurina that always goes all out” and that really makes me happy so.. And I myself already want to work as hard as possible to do my best… But I’ve turned 15 and have become a bit more of an adult, and I think I now know a bit more about myself too but… I’m sure that one way or another, once I’m on stage I’ll sing and dance until my limbs feel like they’re going to fall off anyway, so if you think “Jurina, aren’t you going overboard?” then please tell me so.

So at age 15, I want to be able to take care of my body. I really don’t want to go through the regret of falling sick, not to mention it’s sad when that ends up causing problems for other people, so… I want to become stronger and at the same time be able to exert some control to balance it out. Oh and I’ll honestly work hard on my studies so please cheer me on! There are a lot of things that I don’t understand so please teach me. Everyone (members) please teach me too.

For now, I’ll work hard both on my studies and of course on my SKE48 activities so please take care of me. I’m really happy about the cyalumes today and being able to celebrate my birthday like this. Thank you very much!

*Note: The speech isn’t as accurately translated as the letter, because Jurina chews on her words and repeats herself a lot ^^;